Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Facebook withdrawals #3

It's been about two months since I deleted Facebook. And tonight is the firs time I have genuinely missed the connection that I had on there.
I miss specific people that I basically said goodbye to when I left - there was either no other way to contact them, or there was a way that was not desirable to the other party.
Honestly, though, there's only so many emails I can keep up with anyway, so I understand their choice.

I have been taking some time to reassess the way I look at friendships and what I expect. I was calm for some time... But then waves of emotion are never far away. I need to get better at weather-watching.

Love to all who read <3


  1. It's hard to "cut ties" with people you've no reason to cut them with. It's why I can't delete my Facebook, as much as I'd love to. If I did that I'd realise how alone I really am, and that scares me.

    1. In many ways, a lot of that is happening. I am feeling cut off and lonely. But at the same time... so many positive changes are happening. I feel free, more capable, I have more of an attention span (XD) and I feel more able of making real and genuine connections with people. I'm also spending a lot of time with me, which is alternately awesome and difficult :3

      I think it's a bit of a mixed bag.

  2. While I was at training last night, Kancho asked the class if everyone's voted on facebook for a preferred date for the gashuku. I said I had not, and he looked at me incredulously (or so I thought). "But you're on facebook every day! Ten times a day!" I felt a little wounded at this remark, as I spent a week with the kids without feeling the inclination to check facebook once, but afterwards I realised he was quite right- I do make many posts, I do check it many times a day. What do I get out of it? Not very much. What do I give to it? Far too much.

    I think I'd like to stop using facebook to read about others or post about myself. I won't deactivate it, so I can still see when people invite me to events or wish to get in contact with me, but I don't think I'm getting much out of it anymore. I think you definitely went the right way when you chose to deactivate your account.


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