Tuesday, May 15, 2012
I believe that I may be expecting too much from friendship. I think I expect more contact than is necessary. The thing is, yes - I've been hurt by friendships before. So, yes, that me affecting the way I interact with my current friends. I've moved past most of a paranoia about people actually wanting to be friends with me, but because I'm stressed lately, stuff is coming back up for me.

But, I feel like I'm working on it. I've realised that I really need to think about what friendship means to me, and what I want from a friendship. From there, I can look at what I'm expecting that's different and try to feel better about things.. If that makes sense.

I'm pretty tired. I've realised I'm quite close to burn-out right now. I woke up angry today, and remained angry for most of the day. Not just about friendships, but about how I'm having to keep pushing myself when I just want to stay in bed for a couple of days. I'm getting there, though. Just gotta keep pushing... and not get so angry. XD


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