Facebook withdrawals

Saturday, May 5, 2012
A week ago I deleted facebook. At the time I was feeling quite emotional, upset... even angry. And then when I gave my energy towards something constructive (namely, the removal of something that had been draining my time and energy lately), I felt so much better. Like I could return to my dreams without having to deal with being witty, or having an awesome profile picture, or having the most friends.
I still maintain that facebook is a great place for keeping in contact with people, but I feel so much more freedom since I gave it away.
In reality, you have to disable your profile for two weeks before it's officially deleted - not really good practice for someone that's addicted to social networking sites and could log in at the drop of a hat and cancel the deletion (this is, thankfully, not what I'm like. Any more.)...

So, One Week has gone by. And, while I've had many moments of wanting to log in and post something as a status update, or contact someone I had a dream about, or just generally check what's going on in the world; I've been fine. I'm doing pretty well, actually. I've been a bit sick this week and usually that would mean hours sitting on facebook while I try to come to terms with my decision to stay home from uni or work, but this time it was just - I'm going to rest. Now. Deal with it.
And I did.

Love to all who read!

You'll probably see another Facebook withdrawals post next weekend :)


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