Sunday, May 20, 2012
first of all, apologies for not writing more often lately. I've been super busy + sick, so spending a lot of my time either trying to rest or studying...or working... or, you know, eating and stuff... Also, our internet is only just barely working - having been on and off the last couple of days. I did intend to write blog posts the last couple of days, but have either been too exhausted or too crazed to do so.

dreaming... I have been thinking a lot on dreams lately. Not the kind that your subconscious teases you with in the middle of the night, or during that extra-long nap, but the kind that you want with every fibre of your being. And yet at the same time you're so terrified that if you go after it, you'll fall flat on your face.

Xin and I went to a lovely little event at Notre Dame last night - a talk done by my favourite artist, Shaun Tan. Shaun is so lovely and unassuming, so introverted and perfectly accepting of the fact that he's a bit of a nerd. He isn't about razzle dazzle or party tricks - he's just about doing what he loves and being happy with it. He's also intelligent. No big prizes for wondering why I love him so. His work is so beautiful and offers me such a delight in escape. I have four of his picture books, and have every intention of collecting the rest of them. I someday hope to have on of his prints hung up in my home.

I mean, just look at this page from The Red Tree:

His art speaks to me on a whole different level.

And some of the things he said during his talk shook me. Made me start thinking about my dreams and what I want out of life. Because, I've noticed, some dreams are changing. But some? They're only getting bigger and more insistent.

Love to all who read~


  1. Aaah Shaun Tan ♥ I have a book filled with illustrations by him, the one about rabbits and the ones they displaced. When I read and take in the illustrations I always feel this indescribable mix of feelings that I can only identify as strong.

    1. The Rabbits by John Marsden? Shaun Tan is an amazing artist <3

  2. Also dreams! I know what you mean about changing and bigger and more insistent. I've had that happen to me, especially as I graduate out of what I call my Crap Chapter of Life. I feel it's because my own inner wisdom knows best what dreams are mine and when they're possible to dream. ♥

    1. dreams can be tiny sweet things that we're not always ready to hold up to the light, but are quite happy to keep to ourselves. and that's okay. but I'm so happy the changing and transition are coming through for you! <3

  3. Do you still do Mission 101? I wonder how your dreams changing affects it. I know mine have been shifting very severely lately, and so it's been very very hard to pinpoint much for my 101.

    Best wishes for making your dreams come true ♥


    1. I haven't done that in a couple of years... I don't think I could compile a list right now. It would be so hard to stick to the original!!

      Thank you. And to you! <3


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