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Saturday, April 14, 2012
let's just get right into this..

bad stuff.
and having all the pain and hurt from 'before' coming up and attacking me. feeling alone with that and not knowing how to reach out, or who to reach out to. aloneliness.

I wanted to get so much study and work done over the last week, but, because of being sick, that just didn't happen. which means I now have more for next week. sigh.

old pain.
along with old sickness-related pain coming up for me, I also had visitations from pain that I thought had been resolved and moved. making it extra painful that it came back.

my body rebelling against me
I don't really want to talk about this one. suffice to say that it was not fun, and it involved a lot of 'am I going to have to go back to hospital?' and such.

good stuff.
working on my stuff.
feeling better about this and more resilient.

people noticing and complimenting my work.
always lovely when someone actually notices how hard I'm working - whether it's on study, on work-work, or on self-work - always nice.

times with loved ones.
lovely and supportive.

coming back to myself.
this has had to happen many times this week, but it's always nice when it does.

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