Friday Chicken: ahaha belated.

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Okay, so I know it's actually Saturday... (and late on Saturday too...), but I felt the need to do a chicken :3

the bad stuff.

a lot of old stuff coming up and having to remind myself that I am WORKING on things and I'm making progress. it was difficult to see old problems again, though, and have to recognise that they're still there.

unfortunately, a lot of my insecurities came down to my own sense of worth. which was shocking and painful and full of hurt for me. I still say a lot of things to myself that I would never EVER say to other people - where is the logic?

and the lack of it. miscommunication. being unable to speak my truth and explain the way I was feeling. miscommunication between how I was feeling and UNDERSTANDING WHY I was feeling that way. so much hurt there.

of the more physical persuasion. my body had every right to turn on me this week - I could have been treating it a bit better lately - but there was more pain than I was expecting. Especially with three/four days worth of migraine and ick. Not fun.

kind of tied in with the communication bit, but I'm still trying to figure some things out and there's a lot of stuck there. working on it. but, again, painful.

the good stuff.
so much of it! sharing and receiving and giving. gentle and intense and passionate and giggly. new excitement and progress in slightly older relationships. opening up to love and being okay with receiving it as well as giving.

giggly parts
meeting someone new and discovering some sort of connection and just enjoying it and allowing it to make me bouncy.

news from others that makes me so happy and warm and glowy. wanting to share that with everyone.

always a lovely thing. some of the progress has meant a bit of hurt and less contact with people that weren't making me feel strong or worthy, but I feel better for it.

So, that's about it! I feel good for having written this post :3

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  1. How do you write all these without my knowing it? Am I too busy Skyrimming or something to notice my girlfriend writing a cheeky blogpost on a Saturday afternoon? <3


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