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Monday, April 30, 2012
(I don't have a picture of the needles in my skin, so here, have a stock photo! Huzzah!)

So today I enjoyed my first ever experience of acupuncture. I've got to say, I was pretty much fine with the idea of needles being inserted into my skin and being left there for awhile up until I lay down ready for it to happen. I started to get just the tiniest bit nervous - 'is this going to hurt?' 'what if I accidentally roll onto one of them? will I be paralysed?' - that sort of thing.

My acupuncturist was great, though. Very experienced and very calm. She started off by asking me about why I had been referred to her, and we had a short chat about my large series of ailments.

She showed me the needles in their little individually-wrapped plastic cases (disposable, of course) and then began to insert them into my legs and feet. I ended up with about six in my legs and feet, two in my stomach, one in my hand, one in my arm, one in my ear and one in my forehead. That's 12 needles. Not too bad, huh? With all those jokes about becoming a human pin cushion, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed as to how many needles I would end up having. 12 is a reasonable number. XD

Great bonus - after taking out the ones from my legs and feet later on, my acupuncturist gave me a foot massage. So good.

I plan to go back and see her at this point, but with the expense and such, that has to be negotiated. Overall, a good first experience.

Oh, and those photos I posted in the last blog post? They were from the short walk I took after my acupuncture appointment. So relaxing ^_^ Back to study now!

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