Sunday, January 1, 2012
another topic that has been crossing my mind lately. based on conversations with people I love dearly, self-love seems to have become a thing to be feared. Something to be scorned and denied. If you love yourself you MUST be narcissistic, pompous, up-yourself, and arrogant. I don't believe this to be so. Granted, I haven't THAT much experience with being loving towards myself (especially over the past few days). However, I have seen self-love that makes the person just light up. It makes them shine and makes their beauty ever more apparent. Self-love doesn't have to be about boasting, it can just be quiet, contemplative, small-smiles-of-personal-knowledge.
That last one I'm good at. XD

All credit goes to SARK for this next part. I signed up to receive emails from her because she is so filled with shiny energy of beauty and amazingness! it is just something to consider in light of what I have just said:

Dear Petal Fresh Bethwyn - 
We are here to love ourselves and others. 
Many people don't fully understand the loving the self part. Most were taught and conditioned to think it's selfish. Or even indulgent.
It's not.
Pure self-love is the best gift you can give to the world. Many years ago, I met a man in an elevator in New York City and was so moved by his radiance that I blurted out:
"You have the best energy!"
He smiled lovingly and replied;
"Thank you. I am so in love with myself."
I thought, can he say that? 
Then I wondered why I wasn't saying and feeling that too, and  started learning how- not just to say it, but to feel it and then share it with others.

First tiny action for you:
Hug yourself. Start with a quick little hug and build up to rolling around in bed, kissing your shoulders and saying endearments to your self.
If you want science to back this up, your endorphins will rise and you'll feel like 10 good friends have hugged you.

Now you'll feel like a full cup of self love, ready to share the overflow with the world.
Share some love here. Let me know what you're thinking and feeling about this subject, and how in love with yourself you are. How can you tell?
Just so you know, in addition to my stories and fresh perspectives, I'm going to be offering mostly tiny actions for you in these great life letters, because tiny is easier to do & digest and will actually lead to more being done. Because tiny helps us to begin, and once we begin, we keep going!
Radiantly, Susan (aka SARK)

love to everyone who reads <3

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