Friday, December 30, 2011
Hello hello. Just time for a quick check-in. :D

the hard stuff.
emotional ick.
oh I had so many things flying around my head this week like angry hornets. it made thinking and relaxing rather difficult.

other people.
seeing other people I care deeply about going through their own hard stuff. so difficult to just sit there and not do anything. feeling a bit useless because of it, but knowing that the thing they need most is just a friendly ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on if necessary. me being hyper helps too, apparently.

grump grump.
some people around me being grumpy grumps. and sometimes me not dealing so well with that even though it's THEIR stuff, not a reflection on me. blech.

sleeping = not so smooth.
been trying to reorganise my sleeping patterns. having limited success. making me a bit weak during the day but I'M GETTING THERE.

because I broke my diet. more than once. not so worth it in some situations. >__<

the good stuff.
this holiday can sometimes be a bit of a drag for me - aside from the parts with my close family members and my love. but this year everything seemed to go so smoothly and just... sweetly. people loved their presents, I got things that I've been longing for for awhile, plus a few surprises! (good surprises!), and I got to catch up with people that haven't been very present in my life for awhile. And had fun! And laughter! :)

Time with the two most important people in my life.
Xin and Chris. These two mean more to me than I could ever ever say. And I've been getting time talking to them, walking with them, just being near them. This always brings my wellbeing gauge right back to where it's supposed to be. <3

I has been getting its! A little. :D

Has also been getting this! :D

I has them! People coming to visit, me going to visit some others. Plans for future and for hopefulnesses. Excitement!

oh my goodness! progress!
still a tiny sweet thing, but yay! I shall be prepared. Like Scar, but betterer because I won't be eaten by hyenas. :D

Just lots of good little things that have been making my days brighter and more hopeful. I am of the excitement!

Love to all the munchkins.

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