Sunday, November 13, 2011
jealousy, you have no place here.
the home that was built for you is slowly being dismantled.
soon, everything you know will have gone.
your home will now be transient
a life of wandering and occasional disdain
understandings and misunderstandings alike will greet you where you go.

yes, anger remains.
within a home that is no longer solid.
he drinks his share of the miseries
the word 'sober' no longer within his vocabulary.
his companion misery huddles in a corner
like a scolded dog
he begs morsels from his mistress.

ah yes.
because I intend to return control to it's original owner.
you no longer have this control.
yes, depression may still be an advisor of sorts.
his hunched posture and claw-like hands
suggest that he is not as strong as he used to be.

so, here are your meager belongings.
may your travel be swift.
and may you return no more.

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