Goodbye, October

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Once again, a wonderful practise set forth by Havi Brooks (oh she's so wonderful and you can find her here!) all about entering and exiting, and the lovely things that can come from a sparkly, spangly Revue! ^_^

What I loved about October this year...
Oh so many lovely things happened. I probably can't even remember some of them!

Some October things:

  • Spending more time outside. Enjoying fresh air!
  • Realising a dream of studying something else... something other than Psychology
  • Talking and exploring emotions with wonderful people
  • Books! Yay!
  • The blooming and coming to life of many flowers and plants in our lovely garden..
  • Starting a new journey and gaining so many new mentors and loves
  • Birthdays! Oh so many.

Stuff that happened in October...:
  • Xin went away on a trip! Still missing him, but so proud <3
  • I put through my forms for graduation, and for application into a Bachelor of the Arts! New chapter!
  • I met my lovely Naturopath, and started to feel better for the first time in about 10 years... so many amazing things have happened because of this..
  • rejoining the social world and forming bonds with some amazing people - some from my past, and some that I have only met recently. and enjoying the warmth that I get from talking to them and laughing with them :)
  • a small reminder that I'm not always going to get what I want - this has been an upsetting thing, but probably also a good thing. I think it will take some of November to get through this happening.
  • I went out dancing! AND WAS FINE THE NEXT DAY. :O <3

What was hard about this October?
Study and forms and ick. The office LOSING my form so I had to resubmit it, and then taking three weeks to let me know they'd actually gotten it this time. Sigh.

Little bouts of OMGDEPRESSION on random days where it made no sense. Though, it doesn't often make sense.

Being without Xin and having to make tough decisions and such while he wasn't here. And I couldn't contact him very much for the first two weeks. Hard.

That little realisation that I can't always have what I want also including a unhealthy dose of feeling selfish, guilty, angry and damn irritated. Wasn't fun.

What worked this October?
the new diet! no gluten and no dairy is really difficult to follow, but it's made a world of difference. Plus everything else my naturopath gave me to take. I love her!

Still taking it slow and recognising when I need to get out of the house, making new connections so I know who to turn to when I feel awful, knowing when I need nothing more than to retreat to my room and do yoga and centre myself. <3

Making friends and maintaining relationships! Who knew?

Practising being who I am and exploring that. Feeling that power that I actually ALREADY HAVE. ^_^

What might I want to try in the future?
More of this. This recognising what was wonderful and what didn't work so well.

More planned time with friends - especially involving getting out of the house and into the fresh air. <3

Goodbye October.

Thank you for introducing me to alternatives, and for being a time of healing, growth, and learning. Thank you.

See you next year <3

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