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Saturday, September 17, 2011
As always, much thanks to Havi of the Fluent Self blog for her wondrous rituals. On with the show!

The bad stuff.
Would you like stress with that?
This week started off excellently - Monday was full of so much 'getting chores done' stuff, and love! Then Tuesday was a whole lot of progress on my assignment. Wednesday started to go downhill fast. I managed to get my assignment in, and then found out that a presentation I thought was happening in two weeks is actually happening next Tuesday. A lot of rage at my group followed, plus then some overwhelming "oh my goodness I don't think I can do this" and such. Thursday was panic attack day! Joy.

Stress -> Sick.
As many of the conditions I have are hugely effected by stress, when I get so stressed I start panicking I always get a visit from almost every condition I have. Blah. Which makes me want more rest...

Not enough rest!
There was no break between written assignment and then OH MY GOD PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT. Forced resting because otherwise you're going to have another panic attack/make yourself sicker does not count. It is not restful rest. It is FORCED rest.

All ensuing ick.
Following the stress and the sick is always a strange version of myself - rather clingy, and yet snappy and grumpy as anything. You do not want to meet her in the street after dark. Heck, I don't want to meet her any time of the day. She makes me look bad..
Plus there was ick experienced from not having my parents around, Xin being sick and stressed himself - and me being unable to support him past 'are you okay?', and having to drop off Bronte because I'm actually not well enough to look after my own dog. Sigh.

The good stuff.
Time with Xin.
Despite the fact that we were both feeling seriously ickified a lot of the week, we managed to have a nice time with each other regardless :)

Time with friends!
This only happened on one night, but it was a lovely little group of guys that make me feel very happy and giggly. And I hadn't seen one of them in an age! Plus we played Raskulls. RASKULLS. <3 It was a lovely night~

Somewhat progress~
I did manage to get my written assignment done! And I am slowly getting ahead with my presentation assignment :) Even if it means I'm taking on more than I need to.. Sigh. But once it's over and done then woot!

That's all for now. Must see if I can destuckify til I'm at a place where I can get some work done on this presentation. :)


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  1. I love you. I can think of a few more good points. We had a super productive Monday and got to spend lots of time together doing the washing. Even though we were sick, I really thoroughly enjoyed playing games in the living room while you read. And I think I made a tasty meal, and a few worthwhile pots of tea, and had some very lovely night's sleep. We sang and danced and played, and you got so much done.
    When you finally get a chance to rest and reward yourself tomorrow (after your presentation) make sure it's a week long, and everything you've been wanting while you've struggled with so much the past few weeks.


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