Wednesday, August 10, 2011
New updates to my wishlist post here!

Today I saw a careers counselor, which was both helpful and unhelpful. helpful because she mostly answered my questions and was supportive to my situation, unhelpful because she didn't really offer me anything that fantabulous. It was a tad frustrating and ...soul-crushing. Because she told me how much it's going to cost me to go ahead with the diploma I want (as far as we know, NOT HECS-HELP SUPPORTED) and also how difficult it's going to be for me to find the position I want. She said it's possible, but will require a bit of work.

See? A bit frustrating.

Other bad things included the fact that my back has decided that this week would be the best time to solidify into one solid mass of knots and ow (at least it didn't happen last week) and my body is really starting to feel the effects of so much study and *push*.


Xin was super supportive today and came early to be there when I came out of my careers appointment (yay!) and then bought me an early lunch (pumpkin turnover and peach iced tea~~ yummmm~~). And we went to pick up lovely prizes for doing the CASS Survey (Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction Survey) - it was a lucky dip, and I won a $20 iTunes gift card, while Xin won a $30 Curtin Bookshop gift card (which he gave to me... >sends lots of snugs his way<). So yay for that :D
And then when we got home I got to spend many hours with him, while he gave me a relaxing massage, we watched Good Game, and then we gamed for about an hour! Lovely times were had by all. (I love you Xin!)

So, the day had it's most definite ups, but the downs are kind of worrying me. Plus, since I've been nursing my body (with particular attention to my back, stomach, and head), I've slipped a LEETLE bit behind on study. I have spent about half an hour tonight telling myself that this is okay. because I have the super permission slip of wondrousness that is my need for extra resting time and and and... personal friendshipness to myself. So no vampire elephants for me (though they are hovering about a little bit..).

Anyway. Off to do some more of my ilecture and such, and then maybe reward myself with books and games and tv shows for relaxation purposes~~

(no, guilt monsters, I will NOT feel guilty for this. I need AND deserve it, after the brain-melting/soul-crushing stuff of a conference with my 'you-won't-ever-have-a-future-that-is-good monster'. so nerr.)


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  1. It is always a very good thing to rest when you need to, and especially when you don't.

    I'm not too sure about the Friday chickens and vampire elephants, but I'm glad to hear you expressing your hearts desires without needing to be constrained by this world or the people in it. Ily.


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