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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Okay. So maybe I didn't do the VPAs yesterday, but they're coming!! As always, thanks goes to Havi of The Fluent Self for coming up with such a wonderful thing, and for inspiring me to start asking the Universe for some things... and not feel bad about doing so.

Without further ado...

Thing One: Understanding and Clarity

What I want: I've been having a lot of realisations about myself lately, and most of them have been quite shocking and upsetting for me and my system in general. I would like some understanding and clarity relating to these realisations - in particular the one relating to money. I have a real love/hate relationship with money, and I can't seem to save even though (most of the time) I desperately want to. I've also noticed that I use retail therapy as a way of distracting myself from uncomfortable feelings, and I'd like this to stop. But I can't move forward with that until I realise what the uncomfortable feelings ARE.

How this could happen: I could flail on it a bit. Meditation. Yoga. Interviewing myself in a gentle and respectful way. I could trip over something that would help me move through this. Or I could find a blog post of someone else who has already gone through this ick for some ideas.

My commitment: To remain kind with myself, and not to encourage myself to start punishing myself whenever I spend money on something I don't need. To be okay with reward systems and goal-planning and gwishes. To remain open to ideas.

Thing Two: Tiny Sweet Things Support

What I want: I have two Tiny Sweet Things that a couple of people know about that I am scared to push forward too much. I have had a couple of discussions about them with people and some say to go ahead and follow my dreams, and others say that I will end up living with no money and a crushed soul. XD So, lots of ick and conflict going on there. Basically, what I'd like is just... a balance of the two. While I love both sides for pointing out things to me, I'd like someone with a realistic (but cheerful) outlook on things to give me a nudge in the right direction.

How this could happen: I'm actually really not sure with this one. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Perhaps the person I'm looking for will actually be me in the end.

My Commitment: To not give up on the TSTs and to nurture them even if they can't grow just yet.

That's it for now!! I think there are a couple of other VPAs lurking around the place, but they aren't ready to come out just yet. ^_^ Maybe another time.


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