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Monday, July 4, 2011
Well hello! I haven't written in quite awhile... my apologies for that. But I honestly am not feeling frustrated with myself for neglecting my blog - I have been working through some tough things by myself and have needed to keep them close to my heart.

There are many things that I want to mention in today's post, so I best use a bullet point form, or I might ramble too much!!

  • Writing - Oh JOY OF JOYS. I have started writing again. A continuous story, no less!! I have not shared the story itself with anyone other than my dear Xin, but I'm so pleased with myself for continuing on with it. I'm even doing research!! Who knew that research could be so much fun?! I vaguely recall thinking that about two years ago, but then it all got lost in sludge. (not literally of course.) Anyway, I'm so chuffed to have started up again, and it's giving me new purpose and glee!
  • Books - one of my true loves. I have recently attained the next book in one of my favourite series (was only released OFFICIALLY on July 1st, but I got it earlier than that! ^_^) and it's restored so much love into my imagination and my soul. I wouldn't call it a great literary work of fiction or anything like that, but it's simply delicious. ^_^ Yay! It's also inspired a line of research that I'm following up right this minute! ^_^
  • Life/Career/Study - these topics have sort of been intertwined lately, and they're probably the ones that give me the most stress. I have been rather about my future prospects. My interest in my course has been dwindling somewhat, and I need to choose a next route for my studies - all of the options seem to leave me with a large brick in my stomach. There is one tiny, sweet, little hope that I hold in my heart, which a couple of my friends know of, but I can barely allow it out into the light for fear of it vanishing into smoke. Anyway, the tiny, sweet thing is still there, giving me hope (and anxiety occasionally XD) so I'm going to do a tentative search into that over the next couple of weeks. Uni starts up again soon, so I'll do my best to throw myself into my studies, while maintaining my writing and tiny sweet thing. ^_^ There's still not much force behind the idea of me returning to any form of work (there's another tiny sweet thing here for an ideal job I'd like, but getting started on that seems so far away and difficult right now..), so I'm just trying to keep myself occupied and happy.
  • Bronte - my gorgeous girl has been a bit sick lately - she managed to scavenge some food from somewhere which gave her the most awful stomach infection. But she's been on antibiotics for three days, and is much better and seems to be back to her happy self once more! [cheers from the background]
  • Stuck - still working through it. Most of it relates to some mundane things, but some relates to some huge things. I haven't been moving much on some of this lately... But I will sometime. Promise.

I may write some VPA's later on today or tomorrow, but at this point I just need some thinking and reading time. Love!

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