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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
I get the vibe that ALL my posts should have this title.

Anyway. Recently, Xin and I house-sat for a few friends while they were at a convention. It was the third time we've done it for them, and I usually really enjoy it. They have many lovely pets, each with beautiful personalities and different ways of showing affection. And I think they're really starting to warm to us! XD However, this time round, as much as I still enjoyed the experience, I was quite out of it and sick. I couldn't sleep much at all, which meant that Xin was worried and would stay up with me to keep me company - it was lovely, but I hated putting him through that strain since he gets really delirious when he's even a little tired.
It was quite late by the time the house-owners returned, but it was clear that they were as exhausted (if not more so) as us, so we just chatted and hugged for a bit before heading home. I followed Xin home since he gets quite 'drift-y' when he drives tired, and then I drove home myself.
Since then I haven't really recovered. My tiredness started getting ridiculous, and I've been sort of half-blacking-out over the past four days. I've been checking my blood pressure, and it's on the low side. The lowest it's been so far was something like 106 over 57, which apparently means I need to consult my doctor. My mum is worried since she's suffered with high blood pressure (as has my Nana), so she doesn't want me to have to deal with either end of the spectrum.
Blah. anyway. I've trying to stay positive and hopeful about things, especially since I have an assignment due next Monday. I'm quite happy with my progress on it, though I had hoped to have more done by now. I have banned myself from Facebook for the time being, since it mostly just distracts me, so withdrawal symptoms on that are a bit rife XD
I'm so happy right now since I spent some time with Xin today, and we talked through our assignments an it just made me feel a lot  better. Plus it's raining right now!! :D (the timer thing on my blog is a bit weird, so if it doesn't say it correctly, it's 11:50PM right now..)
I'm hoping to get rest and study done tomorrow, and make some progress toward getting my second draft done and such. And hopefully less dizzy and headacheyness! And a visit to the library!:D

Ah optimism. You're a beautiful thing.

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