Very Personal Ads #4

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Okay I'm a bit blah and feeling very defeated right now, but ritual is good, so here goes.

(p.s. want to know more about VPAs? Visit Havi Brooks here!)
Okay, on with the show!

thing one: relief
what with my usual body problems, plus the addition of the side-effects from the new medication, plus dealing with this silly heat wave (SILLY!)... I'm having a bit of trouble  keeping things together. I want relief from this ongoing pain and sickness, I want to stop feeling guilty for no reason, and I want to start going back to the things that I'm missing out on because of all this stuff. Far and above, I want to feel healthy.

My body could start to recover on it's own. Pretty sure this is going to happen eventually (lots of hope and faith), but I just wish it would hurry up a bit. It's too hard to keep having these days of feeling all-round sick. It's weighing heavily on my shoulders, and on the shoulders of those around me that have to pick up the slack.

I could start going to acupuncture, like I've always planned to. I need to make an appointment really. So this is an active and healthy option that I need to get on top of. I think it's just because I've been living in a haze of side-effects and other things that I haven't managed to do it yet..

Someone could suggest some other magic cure  to me. Although I really doubt this is going to happen. XD

To try and be healthy and care for myself as much as I can. To remember that caring for myself is my first priority.

To remember that even though this is unfortunate and quite hard to get through, I can still get through it.

To be honest I think that's the biggest thing that I want. I don't feel that I should distract my focus on that for a little bit. 

Now, the recap on last week's VPAs.
Number one was LIFE. I wanted a hint from the Universe at large about my calling. To be honest, I don't know if I've got any hints. Unless it's trying to beat me across the head and I'm stubbornly ignoring it... But I'll continue to wait and keep going with my studies.
andd...apparently I only did one VPA last week too! So still working on that one.

So I still need to get more work done on my 21 before 22 list, so I'm going to head off and work on that now! I'll give more information on it tomorrow. Have a happy and lovely evening <3

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