Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Okay, yes, I've been neglecting my blogging again.
But I'm really working hard on my own stuff right now and it's just so hard to remember sometimes! A lame excuse I know.
Just know, dear quiet readers (if you are in fact there...) that I am learning and trying a little each day, and slowly coming to terms with certain things.

I'm also learning about what it takes to build friendships, and how sometimes the process seems to be the same, but sometimes it's completely and utterly different. And that doesn't just depend on you, it depends on the person you're trying to make friends with. I know that seems like something really obvious to say, but it's something I've been considering and musing over for a little bit today.
P.S. I made humus today! Yay. ^_^
P.P.S. I will EVENTUALLY get up to writing a VPA post...if I think of anything new that I haven't already asked for. XD Oh! A lovely birthday party would be nice?

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