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Thursday, March 24, 2011
I went to see the doctor today since my glands had swollen up quite a bit and I couldn't swallow properly without it hurting... and it turns out I have tonsillitis! D:
So I have to stay away from EVERYONE, especially my brother since he has quite a susceptibility to tonsillitis T^T
This is the first time I've had it (that I can remember..) and it's pretty sucky. mostly because I really like food and now I can't eat most of it D:

What I would really like right now is for Xin to be able to come over and look after me, shower me with gifts to keep me entertained, and also to have my assignments done by themselves. (sounds pretty selfish now I've written it out... but I'm okay with that!)
Even now I'm in pain, REALLY tired but don't want to sleep, and have an upset tummy because of so many liquids, and am a bit delirious because of a raised temperature. it's kind of making me a bit like... WHEEEEEEEEEEEE~ and then T^T SO SLEEPY. so that's a bit weird. XD

I'm wondering if it's going to get bad enough that I'll have to go to the hospital and have the offending tonsils taken out... 
I felt better when the doctor said I had it. Because I had a suspicion, but I'm so used to having unnameable illnesses that I guess I'd assumed on a subconscious level that this one would be the same. But it wasn't! It is a nameable sickness. I feel like I should make myself a get well soon card... but instead I might do some colouring in :D AND THEN make myself a get well soon card. ^_____________^

there are plenty of other things I could ramble about, like how wonderful two of my friends are being about an assignment that we're supposed to be working on together, but I've been too sick to manage much at all lately. They're being so amazing about it. To the point of me wanting to bawl everytime I get another lovely email from them. XD
Oh and also how Xin really really wants to come and look after me, but can't since I'm too contagious. This makes me very very berry sad. I want cuddles and someone to make soup for meeee T_T But I shall have to chug on alone~ He is loving me from afar ^_^

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