Saturday, March 19, 2011
Okay. Sorry for not posting yesterday, but there was too much going on.
Since my doctor's appointment on Thursday I've been a bit nervous about the tests and such (I've even put off booking my ultrasound until next week because I don't think I can face it as strongly as I wanted to right now...). Yesterday morning I woke up with my usual stomach pain and nausea, and barely managed half an apple for breakfast along with my usual assortment of pills. From here, I headed off to uni. Two buses (including one strange lady who hassled an international student about being on the phone when no one was there or something...) later, I arrived somewhat refreshed by the journey. I liked what I was wearing (a long purple tie-dye skirt, a new op-shop find tshirt with a cute girl and puppy on it, my black flats, and my two layered headband), my stomach ache had dimmed somewhat, and I was ready to face my class and such. First I had a bit more food (a pumpkin turnover... MMMM lovely!) before Xin came to meet me and we headed off to our Sexology class.

The class was about Language and Sexophosy yesterday, and also discussing our interpretation of the films we had watched the previous week. It was a really fun class! Very interesting and amusing. Our lecturer is really up-front and great. He makes the class really interesting and witty. :P At the end of class, we were charged with getting into our pairs and talking about the topic we want to do research on. Because of my health issues, I had previously asked my lecturer if I could go with Xin, since my health issues will be less of a problem with him. My lecturer agreed. SO. Xin and I got together, and we were really keen to research Polyamory, so we discussed what we wanted to focus on. Our lecturer even recommended a book to us, which I plan to borrow off a dear friend, if I may. Xin and I are pretty excited about the whole assignment!

I was previously scheduled to go to an organisation visit that morning, before class, but I can tell you it's lucky I didn't. I would have been pretty useless, since I couldn't move without hurting or feeling like I was going to throw up. It's a miracle I got myself on the first bus to uni at all...

Anyway, after class Xin and I went to the library to photocopy readings and such for next week, but not before I got a phone call from Mum. It turns out my Nana had a small stroke yesterday, but she seems to be okay. They kept her in overnight for observation, because sometimes a bigger stroke can be coming. My mood kind of plummeted after hearing that, but yes. Everyone I spoke to about it was very supportive and lovely..

I'm also feeling confused about some dreams I had last night, which I may need to discuss with Xin. Or a psychologist. XD

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