Very Personal Ads #3

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
And here we are again. This blog has made me appreciate how fast time goes by...

Btw, if you want more info on VPAs, please see here!

Thing One : LIFE!
Okay well. Lately I have been thinking about (having mini-freak outs about..) where I'm going with life and what I want to do with it.
The thing is, I'm mostly telling myself lately that most people don't know what they want out of life, and also that I've still got so much time to discover a wonderful Love. But can you really blame me for wanting some more of an inkling? I'm doing this degree in Psychology and I still don't know what I want out of it..

It could happen like a big bolt of lightning - like.. Wow! Yes! That's it!
Or it could be subtle and happen over time. All I know is that it will be something I love and doesn't feel like WORK.

I'll remember that some people never know what they want. And that life is beautiful regardless of whether I have a passion or not.
I'm extremely lucky right now. <3

I don't really have another thing right now... So I'll review what I mentioned last week..
Okay so my first thing is that I wanted warm fuzzies. I must say I've been doing pretty well with that. I've started my list, and I actively check in on myself now to make sure I'm okay. The warm fuzzies are easier to attain then.

The second thing was organisation. And I'm almost done with that, even though I didn't manage to get to the orientation. I've prettied up my lecture pad, I've attained a textbook, I know when my classes are and I just need to write my list of suggestions for better study. So yay! Thank you Universe!

Just a quick post on today then. It was slow, but I got to spend time with Xin, I got reading and browsing done and I helped my mum out as much as I could since she was having a lousy day. My thoughts are that I need to spend more time with Brontë since I haven't done that since Monday! I played with her a bit today, but she's growing up so quickly.. <3

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