Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Excuse me, again, for the poor construction of this blog post. This time I'm writing it on an iPad, though, so I'm moving up in the world! XD
Today when I sat down to write this post, I stared blankly at the title bar. I haven't had any profound thoughts today, nor had I really thought much at all since I've been so sick. Not that I've been in complete pain or vomiting up my lungs or anything, just sick so that I was in just enough pain, and just enough discomfort. I could barely focus on my favorite magazine. THAT is how sick I was.

So, the idea popped into my head that I would do a short, ill-formed post on how much I adore literature.

Now, when I say literature. I mean any thing that I can read that isn't on the back if a cereal box. (not that I don't appreciate the little things on the back of cereal boxes - they often brighten my day.)

Today, although sick, I thought about reading. I read as well, but mostly I couldn't do that, so I thought about it. I recently finished a delightful little book which I immediately wanted to read again. It was everything that I needed- relatively light, with a touch of dark stuff. Romance and adorable characters. Country towns and authors. Tea! Honestly, it made me realise how much I love reading. And how much I MISS...england. I've been there once and I loved it. I miss Bath most of all. It is honestly one of the most darling little towns, filled with cobblestones and old buildings wedged between shopfronts.

I adore all kinds of reading. Today I wanted to read books, but couldn't. I did, however, manage to read a few articles in my favorite magazine (frankie magazine - please witness the lovely here) and an article in the economist on psychoanalysis. This all reminded me how much I adore these past times. The written word gives me occasion to disappear into a different world, to be inspired, to feel new things. I have read several books on reading itself, and they give me much enjoyment too.

And now, since I think I have expended today's allocated brain juice, I will head to bed. And hopefully, sleep. After some reading. ^_^

~tomorrow I'll do my Personal Ad post. Bear with me!

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