Friday Chicken #2: the >insert sick-looking face here< week.

Friday, February 18, 2011
For more information on Friday Chicken, please see Havi Brooks' blog The Fluent Self. Here.

Alright. Let's do this.

The hard stuff.
Pain hurts.
Okay, so some people say that pain is a good teacher. And I agree. But seriously, lesson learnt. My body has no idea what it is doing.

Icky hurty painful feelings.
Guess what? Being in pain and thinking about how your body doesn't know what it's doing can often make you feel an itty bit depressed.

Thanks so much to my Gentleman for making me feel better and more capable about this. And also for helping me set up a tentative plan of 'getting-betterness'.

sticky icky weather + feeling sick are not a good mix.

I've been feeling off and worried all week this week. It's been very hard to comfort myself and I've needed more outside help. I also haven't really been sure who to approach about GETTING this help.

The good stuff.
Warm fuzzies!
I finally started a pretty list of things that bring me that warm fuzzy feeling. It's in a journal I love and is written with pretty pastel colour pens. I add to it when I think of things.

I borrowed out some Yen magazines from my library and ended up buying the most recent issue with my limited monies. And I enjoyed them! Still reading one. ^_^ They are making me smile.
I'm still waiting on my issue of Frankie though...

Time with my Gentleman.
I got to spend quite a lot of time with Xin this week! It was really lovely and I feel like we're communicating really well right now. Plus Valentine's stuff was funn~ <3

Awesome times over the weekend.
Getting to see and meet so many people was wonderful! Although getting burnt wasn't fun.

Tai Chi
Still loving it.

This post is earlier than usual today because I'm going out this evening with Xin to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It's a charity event, but it starts at 12am... I'm gonna be so tired tomorrow... T_T

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