Belated Friday Chicken and gushing..

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Friday Chicken #3~

Oh my brain is not working well right now. I am ridiculously relaxed after a lovely bath, and feeling a bit out of it because of feeling a little sick. But here we go!

Bad stuff.

Ew sick.
Yes I was sick for most of this week. I also saw my doctor about it, and am on new medication which is messing with me, which brings me to my second bad stuff thing..

Emotionally unstable.
Euch side effects. Euch feeling angry one minute, sad the next, and normal after that. Wanting to cry a lot is not something I'm used to.

People around me are having to deal with some crap stuff, and I'm not sure how to support them, but I'm doing my best.

Good stuff.
New opportunities.
Acupuncture is okayed by my GP! Woot!

Being lovely and random out of the blue. Thank you for being that way.

As always, lovely and caring and wonderful. Looking after me even though he doesn't have to. Love.

I went on a big shopping spree at one of my favourite stores today. Lush! I spent a bit too much money, but I'm feeling so lovely and wheeee now. And my skin feels lovely! Yay. I should try and sleep. Heat heat go away...

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