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Monday, April 23, 2018
Lately I have been making an effort to unsubscribe from emails that I don't really read, or that just encourage me to spend money I don't have/am saving for something else. I thought it would be easy enough - surely there were only a few things I needed to unsubscribe from? - but as time has gone on I've found that more and more emails are coming through that I realise... I don't need anymore.

As I go through this process of digital minimising, I have started thinking about different selves. For example, ah, here is the self that signed up for this rewards card that I hardly ever use, but still receive the ‘it’s time to spend your points!’ emails anyway. And, yes, here is the self that used to watch this online video streaming service… for like a month… so of course I would receive the emails updating their terms and conditions.
Here is the self that loved this website so much that they actually used to read these emails that they send out nearly every day.

I am slowly uncovering another self. One that only wants emails that are actually relevant to them to be in their inbox – to make more space for some form of connection or inspiration to occur. The self that wants to stop spending so much money on things that she doesn’t need, and instead get into a mind-space of ‘this money is being put aside for more exciting things in the future’. Can I be the kid that will get five marshmallows in ten minutes if I don’t eat this single one now?

I didn’t really think that a relatively simple act of unsubscribing from things would lead to me thinking about who I am, who I want to identify as. But sometimes the simplest things can be our greatest teachers, I guess. And, for once, I think I’m actually here for the lesson.

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