Sparkle Points #6

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Hi again! I thought I would do a new Sparkle Points update, as some time has passed and I believe I have more to cross off!

  • collect the piece of pottery I painted... one dayyyyy
  • get back to writing! (I took a few days off from it and haven't gone back yet.) find the joy in it again!  HAPPENING.
  • draft up my first blog post on kpop idols~ more thought has gone into this, especially since there are a bunch of things happening in the kpop world at the moment. Perhaps soon. [still true.]
  • learn some new iced tea recipes - experiment! I have been experimenting and have come up with some lovely stuff! More needs to happen though :) the weather has been crazy and my schedule has been the same, but this is definitely still a thing.
  • look out for a lovely second-hand wardrobe? EEE! Found and is now in my bedroom! Gumtree, you are the bestest.
  • catch-up on reading and writing goals! getting there! going to make this a bit more defined I think... I actually can't really remember what I meant by this, but I am definitely getting there on my reading - more reviews to come!
  • read at least fifteen books in October, 11 of which must be Aurealis nominations working on this actively!
  • move out of bedroom and choose colours for painting.  whoa. This just tells me how old this list is now. my room has been painted, I was moved out of it for about three weeks, and I'm back in now! Still a few things to do, but it's looking great!
  • there is a slightly scary thing coming in less than two weeks - you are prepared. you are safe. it will be fine. the 'slightly scary thing' was a medical appointment, and it went really well. I had a game to distract me while waiting (thank you Katharine for the game!) and a Xin next to me for moral support. Things are happening now as a result, and I am hopeful.
  • the things that you are avoiding slightly? stop avoiding them. it's okay. you can do this. I stopped avoiding! I did the things! Whee!
  • new slightly scary medical thing happening in November. Prepare for this and breathe~
  • revamp chest of drawers
  • plans for Xin and my seventh anniversary of dating?

UNI To Do:
  • start presentation assignment due week eleven  done! I started! I presented! I think it went super well so yay!
  • start the process of enrolling in online units for next year started! I am a little lost with this so I may add another point for it lower down...
  • do the presentation when it is ready. maybe have chocolate afterwards because presentations are scary. I had takeaway with Xin :D
  • start research essay because do it! :) I will be starting this as of this week. Not long to go!
  • Complete final blog post on defamation laws for my unit.
  • maybe ask for help from someone re: how to enrol in online units? it's a bit bewildering, even with Open Uni people trying to help...
  • re-organise silly withdrawal thing that is being drawn out and taking much longer than it should, because silly.
  • Finish research essay! Celebrate!

WISHLIST (current):
  • G-Dragon Album - Heartbreaker
  • DVD copy of the 1995 Sense and Sensibility movie...  Xin and I watched this recently and I forgot how much I adore it. Alan Rickman! Emma Thompson! Hugh Grant! Hugh Laurie! Kate Winslet! Goodness. An amazing friend bought this for me, along with a whole gift-bag of amazing things! Thank you Emily!!
  • Ouran High School Host Club Manga boxset? Still thinking about it...
  • Film for my instant camera! I got some more recently (just a little) and I forgot how much I love this darling device.
  • Crash Course DVDs?
  • new wardrobe? wooo done!
  • 2 ring binder the same as the lovely ones I have, that are somehow super hard to find now. I will find you!
  • new lanterns from Typo :3 I want to choose some different ones for my room~
  • organisation things for under my bed - ie. those space bag things that you can suck the air out of to store things, and also some sealed boxes to store everything in... MUCH STORING.

Wow. These lists seem to just get longer and longer each time... I hope I'm not boring people! O_o

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