UPDATE #2: 101 in 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014
Another update incoming! Same drill as before - I will mention items I have made progress on or completed, and then write a little about them! Let's goo~!

10. write a book of haiku. ~ surprisingly I had completely forgotten about this one (or not so surprisingly, given there are 101 items in this list...), but I had a resurgence of love for the form of haiku while I was away in Japan (not terribly surprising...), so I've made progress on this!

12. get a totem or painting done of one of my spirit animals. ~ okay so I haven't made a LOT of progress on this one, but I have found the artist that I want the painting/artwork from. So there's that. :) Also I did receive a totem necklace of sorts of an elephant, which I count as one of my spirit animals, so I think that's more done than I expected!

18. have a birth-month! ~ let me explain this first of all - a birth-month is where you celebrate your birthday for the entire month, enjoying many things and basically celebrating life. This item... hasn't been going so well. What with my operation and the recurrent migraines and lots of problems and bad news, my birth-month hasn't been amazing. But, you know, it kind of has as well. I've gotten quite a bit of reading done, I've been watching CCS again, and I've been working away at little dreams here and there which have been making me happy. And I've had a lot of time with Xin, which has been wonderful, despite me being in pain for a lot of it... One week left! :)

20. obtain the original CCS manga in Japanese. ~ done and done! I managed to get all twelve volumes with their original bookmarks in Japan, with the help of Xin and Craig! :D They are sitting on my shelves now, pretty as a CCS-inspired picture :D

37. attend an archery class or session. ~ not done yet, but it's planned! Xin and I are going to take a course in May :D I'm so excited!

44. have a plushie made for me via commission (etsy?) ~ note quite complete, but I found a gorgeous plushie-maker with a very cute style, and so I sent them a message asking if they could make a plushie version of Li Syaoran from CCS, and they got back to me the next day with a gorgeous message complete with a sketch of what he's going to look like - and I am in LOVE. I will update as soon as things progress! :D

52. visit temple? ~ when I originally wrote this, I meant the Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre in Nollamara. But the fact is that I visited Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, and that experience so blew everything out of the water for me that I am assuming that THAT temple is what past-me was talking about, just without realising it. So, done.

photo taken from the viewing deck at Kiyomizu-dera

75. figure out how to attach headphones to my record player. ~ okay I think I've figured it out, I just need to buy a little widget-thing (that is, an adaptor) so my headphones can plug in. so, onto that...

79. read three graphic novels that aren't manga or DC/Marvel. ~ complete! And with extra credit! My brother got me the Boxers and Saints boxset for my birthday, and I read both of them in a single night. First Second publications are amazing.

88. learn more about editing and how to be effective at it. ~ I am learning so much from my classes, and really enjoying them. :)

91. get some more pillows for my bedroom (including a floor pillow for gaming!) ~ I have added a pillow to my collection - a Peso (from The Octonauts) cuddle pillow! I am so happy :D

And that's all for now! I am still working on a few other things from the list, but it's good to review! I have so far completed 9 items on the list, with quite a few more in the works. I'm feeling pretty good about that, given that a lot of them are ongoing and may only be reviewed properly at the end of the year. I will update the original list (which will be under the tag 101 in 2014 if you want to look at it!) so that it's current, but expect a few more updates during the year! :)


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