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Thursday, July 26, 2012
This week I have really noticed a decline in my overall energy and motivation to get things done. My health is declining rapidly and I am taking steps to support my body as much as possible.

Unfortunately this means sacrificing a lot - today it meant that I had to more or less remain in a position of a horizontal nature for the majority of the day, just to have enough energy to get myself out the door and to work for a later four hour shift.

Tomorrow, I have only given myself an hour of work (contact time) with some additional work from home if my body can manage it.

I hope also to have a bit of energy to do washing and generally clean up before the weekend hits.

Here are the things bringing me joy and love lately:

  • A Joanna Lumley audiobook - written and read by her. She is amazing.
  • Bed. Oh glorious bed.
  • My boyfriend and his amazing love and support. I am so grateful.
  • My best friend and his efforts to reconnect with me and make me feel loved. So much joy and appreciation there.
  • My parents - my dad who gave me listerine when my mouth suddenly filled with about five ulcers (immune system saying HEY), my mum for making me fried rice to take to work today. love.
  • Bronte and her silly antics.
  • Books. Research on my conditions. Computers.
  • My blog - and my readers. I can't tell you the joy it brings me to see that people are reading my posts. Wow.
  • Thermals. Oh my goodness being warm is AMAZING.

Time for me to settle down and rest. Love to all who read <3

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