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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
haven't written a VPA in some time! anyway, thanks go to Havi of The Fluent Self for coming up with amazing awesome wonderful ideas for destuckification.

thing one: flowwww
what I want: things are really heating up in terms of my uni work, and I'm needing a lot more time of being focused and knowing what I want/need to do.
I'd like this to be ease-filled, and for me also to know when taking a breaking is essential.
ways this could work: I could come up with a schedule - 45 minutes of study, 15 minutes break or something like that. I'll need to play with it as my body doesn't tend to operate on human time very well XD
I could have a sign that says 'do not disturb!' or something similar for getting study done.
I could have a look at my work schedule and see how I can play with it to make it work better for me and my 'peak times' of study.
I'll play with...: yoga. meditation. reward systems (need a better word for this?). lowering the amount of things asking for stuff from me.

thing two: clarity
what I want: So I'm working on a lot of things lately. The way I communicate with people, the way I react to people, my default mood, etc. Lots and lots of things.
And I'd just like a little push in the right direction. I think I'm going pretty well so far (at least, I'm feeling positive effects and LOVING them), but I'd just like to put the ask out there for some lovely guidance.
ways this could work: someone could recommend a book to me that will just CLICK. or it could fall in my lap. or I could trip over it.
I can write everything out and have a look from a different point of view and see how things move.
I'll play with...: being calm. noticing emotions as they arise and giving them permission to be there. listening to my heart.

thing three: silent retreat.
what I want: This one is a bit more personal, so I'm going to silent retreat.
I'll play with: understanding. flipping my perspective. distance and closeness. telling it like it is.

updates since last time...
well, I haven't written one of these since the 4th of February, but here are updates:

I wanted to feel less ick and sickly, and I did! With the help of some rest, my naturopath, and just generally taking good care of myself.
I wanted to work on gaining back my inner light, and I'm pretty sure I got there. Hanging onto it is a bit difficult still, but I'm understanding better what needs to happen for me to have it around. :)
Finally, I wanted some work clothes, and I got some! But I kind of need some more... another op-shopping trip might be in the works after uni finishes! <3


  1. Hey beautiful <3

    My very generous approach to study is that I rest when I need to, study when I can, and immediately reward myself with at least as much time off as I have studying. One hour study is worth at least an hour of reading/gaming. It's different for everybody of course, and I admire people who love their study enough to focus on it for hours at a time. But play with your ratio of study:recreation and see what's most healthy/sustainable (not most productive).

    It's strange that you could want someone to recommend a book to you. Ivy just sent me a message recommending we read "Religion for Atheists" by Alain de Botton. Weird, ne?

    I love you.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, baby. Very much appreciated ^_^ I will try them out over the weekend!! You can monitor my progress ^_~ :P

      Ah I actually have been drawn to read something by Alain de Botton lately... perhaps this would be a good thing to start with? I love when things sort of fall into place like that ^_^

      I love you too <3 <3


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