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Monday, July 25, 2011
As always, big happy thankyous to Havi of The Fluent Self Blog for creating something that I enjoy ritualising when I can. Here we go~

Thing One: Ideas! Inspiration! Lots of I's!

What I want: Well, the thing is that I'm at a point in my study where I will need to choose my next route... do I jump out of Psychology and jump into work? Stay with Psych? Jump into another line of study? It's all very confusing.
I just want (read: need) some inspiration and ideas here about what I could jump into. Perhaps some Passion and Motivation would be good too (although those things don't start with 'I'. T_T)

How this could happen: I could ask around. Find the right people to talk to.
I could trip over an idea, or do some research on it.
Future job prospects could insist upon a thing. Or maybe someone in my life will give me a universal hint/nudge.
I could also meditate on it or flail on it.

My commitment: To be kind with myself and to not force the issue before it's ready.
To give myself plenty of time to process the process, and to drink many cups of calming tea to get to that place.

Thing Two: A place for giggling.

What I want: There's a certain something that I'm paying a lot of attention to right now, and it's alternately causing me a small amount of anxiety (quite small indeed) or lots of giggling and gleefulness. I'm not sure if I need a person or a place or even a book to be one with this, but there's some wanting there. This may change when the situation changes..

How this could happen: I could suddenly find the right person for this. Or the right place. I could find that they were right under my nose the whole time, or that they were just biding their time til I was ready.
I could find the place/person inside of me during meditation or some such.

My commitment: To stay true to the gigglings. To (again) be kind to myself and be okay with the way I'm feeling. To FEEL the feeling instead of always trying to distract myself from it. To not feel guilty about the feeling.

Updates since last time...

Okay, just to let you know how things are going regarding my past VPAs..

First of all, I wanted some Clarity and Understanding relating to my relationship with money/retail therapy. I've made a bit of progress with that, and am keeping a wishlist of things rather than just spending whenever. I'm still having little hiccups along the way, and I haven't fully begun to understand the uncomfortable feelings I have that LEAD to the retail therapy, but I'm processing and that makes me :)

Secondly, I wanted Tiny Sweet Things Support. This has been a bit difficult because of the 'future study' ickyness, but it's still there. I have made a special compartment/shelf in my life for the TSTs and everytime I observe that little shelf, it brings me joy and excitement about what could be. It's gleeful. ^_^


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