Very Personal Ads #2

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Well hi once more!
This is my second time completing a Very Personal Ad post (please see here for more information), and I'm very tired and sore and sick, so please bear with me.
Thing One: Warm Fuzzies.
What I want.
I have been feeling decidedly un-fuzzy of late, what with the sick and the ow and the ARGHHHH. I have a certain feeling that comes whenever I read a select few magazines, or books, or whenever I look at vintage or op-shop clothing. All I can say is that it's my warm fuzzy feeling. It also comes when I huggle my Bronte or my Xin, and when I do something lovely like drink peppermint tea or snuggle down to watch something I love.
I want this feeling back.I haven't felt it in so long... and that's just plain silly.

Ways this could happen.
A favourite magazine could arrive soon (hoping! but it's usually a week and a half late...), or someone could lend me a magazine or book that gives me this feeling.

I could make a list of things that bring me this feeling, and then go about making them happen.
I could walk around and think about whether there is something that is blocking this feeling from coming to me, and then think about how to talk to this feeling.
I could spend some time writing about my dream home.

My commitment.
I will be kind to myself, and take care of my needs.
I will remember that this feeling has been here before, and will come again.
I will walk and do tai chi and feel lovely in myself, regardless of where the warm fuzzy is.

Thing Two: Organisation!!

What I want.
   I need to start getting organised for Uni start - up!
Ways this could happen.
I could go to Uni and hunt down my textbook.
I could mark in my journal when classes are, and decorate my lecture pad with prettiness so that I enjoy carrying it around and taking notes.
I could begin some preliminary readings, and write out some personal suggestions (NOT RULES, SUGGESTIONS. I like this more.) about how to effectively and happily study without feeling like running out of the room screaming.
I could chat to Uni friends about classes and get my filing together.
STICKERS. I don't know how, but they will help. They usually do.
My commitment.
I will remember that Uni does not immediately = stress!! It is a place of learning, and thus a place of furthering my journey.
Not everything is about organisation, but it's nice to be organised all the same. ^_^

Okay, update on last entry.
Firstly, I asked for inspiration in the form of a new book. Well, I found a book that I was gripped by (the one on the oral contraceptive pill), but it didn't inspire me, it just led to more euch feelings and general OH NOES. So, that's not actually what I wanted. But is okay! I'll keep trying.

Secondly, I wanted help with my menstruation woes. Things are still plodding on that, but I think my new Tai Chi knowledge shall help quite well. Plus I'm still researching Chinese Medicine and thinking about acupuncture. We shall see. Le Menstruation pains are already kicking in in full force, so I'm already struggling a bit. But I don't want to take painkillers if I can help it. So more massages and aromatherapy! OH. Those things usually bring warm fuzzies too...
Okay. I sleep now. Much love <3

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