Birthday Love Letter

Sunday, March 4, 2012
For my 22nd birthday, I wrote myself a love letter. (I'm also getting myself a present, but that will come later.)

Here is some of what I wrote...

You have done SO MUCH in the past year.
You accepted yourself - your whole self including CFS, IBS, depression and anxiety. And then - ALL OF THAT CHANGED.
You took the plunge and saw a Naturopath and trusted her with your story. You gave someone else the task of healing, and, in that way, finally moved forward with everything.
You trusted the Universe and yourself and opened your heart to a new best friend. And it was amazing and SO WORTH IT. (Still is!)
You fell in love. Over and over.
You trusted that love and all the giddy, whirlwind emotions that come with it.
You also opened yourself up to feeling that bone-deep, divinely aching love. You allowed it to BE. And that, too, was beautiful.
You trusted yourself when your inner voice told you it was time to re-enter the world you'd been gradually separating from for ten years.
You went out and got a job, found a new calling, and started re-connecting.
But, most of all, you made a huge effort and commitment towards knowing and loving yourself for who you are. To try and be true to yourself; talk about what's going on.
To LIVE and to LOVE.

That's it. Love to all the people.
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