Sparkle Points #5

Friday, October 3, 2014
Bit late on this one but I thought I would let a little more time pass so that I might actually have some stuff completed! Usual thing... I will put updates in pink, and otherwise comment on things that aren't crossed off yet. :)

  • go swimming! I miss it... This has been hard to organise, but I am keeping it hovering.
  • collect the piece of pottery I painted over three weeks ago... Okay it's now been over two months, but it's been super hard. ONE DAY.
  • get back to writing! (I took a few days off from it and haven't gone back yet.) find the joy in it again! I haven't been writing (aside from poetry!), but I HAVE got some beta readers on the go! Yay! [STILL TRUE]
  • draft up my first blog post on kpop idols~ more thought has gone into this, especially since there are a bunch of things happening in the kpop world at the moment. Perhaps soon.
  • start walking again - and yoga-ing! happening! Yay!
  • learn some new iced tea recipes - experiment! I have been experimenting and have come up with some lovely stuff! More needs to happen though :)
  • organise for big changes in my bedroom and study (ie. painting and such). happening! eee!
  • look out for a lovely second-hand wardrobe? still looking.
  • catch-up on reading and writing goals! getting there! going to make this a bit more defined I think...
  • read at least fifteen books in October, 11 of which must be Aurealis nominations
  • move out of bedroom and choose colours for painting. 
  • there is a slightly scary thing coming in less than two weeks - you are prepared. you are safe. it will be fine.
  • the things that you are avoiding slightly? stop avoiding them. it's okay. you can do this.

UNI To Do:
  • construct second blog submission on truth in memoir  done!
  • start presentation assignment due week eleven starting soon! :)
  • ilecture and readings week 8 pretty much done!
  • construct third blog submission on parody and hoax doooone!
  • start the process of enrolling in online units for next year oh yeh I need to do this! will do. :)
  • do the presentation when it is ready. maybe have chocolate afterwards because presentations are scary.
  • start research essay because do it! :)

WISHLIST (current):
  • G-Dragon Album - Heartbreaker
  • DVD copy of the 1995 Sense and Sensibility movie...  Xin and I watched this recently and I forgot how much I adore it. Alan Rickman! Emma Thompson! Hugh Grant! Hugh Laurie! Kate Winslet! Goodness.
  • Ouran High School Host Club Manga boxset? Still thinking about it...
  • Film for my instant camera! I got some more recently (just a little) and I forgot how much I love this darling device.
  • Crash Course DVDs?
  • new wardrobe?

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