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Thursday, August 18, 2011
I now have my lovely stone skipping cards from Havi (The Fluent Self) and am so happy with them! So I will be writing some stuff relating to them more often now...

I'm thinking of a project. Well, it's not so much a project as a thing that I am alternately giggling and worrying over (confusing, I know). So I have been regularly going to the stone skipping cards to help me puzzle it out. Basically the cards have little questions and suggestions on the back for assistance (and boy do they make me smile :))

So today I pulled out the card that says "Some of the ways I'd like my project to express love and tenderness towards me are..." and just started giggling. Because my 'project' concerns a person, and so this makes me gleeful no end. XD

It's fun how a little card can so easily cheer me up~

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